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This website is a labor of love

There will never be advertisements and nothing is for sale. This is meant to be a way to give back to a career that has given much to us. If you feel the same way, consider helping in the following ways:

  1. Give feedback: Everybody has an opinion and we'd love to hear yours. See the About page for my LinkedIn contact.

  2. Write an article: Are we missing content? Articles you write will give you credit and can feature a short biography. Or they can be anonymous.

  3. Mentor somebody: People from all over the world have questions. If you're interested in answering some of them or perhaps hosting a call, we'll add you to our volunteer list.

  4. Share our website: We're here to help and we'd love to have you share that passion with others.

Articles you could help write:

  • How to design a power system, including sizing panels, choosing batteries, and considering redundancy

  • How to choose an avionics board. One of the most popular topics! How do you know which board to buy and what are some lessons you've learned?

  • How to do failure modes analysis. You could cover entry level topics about why it's important and then discuss how to start.

  • How to write a test procedure. What should people look out for? How do you know you're ready?

  • What does a Supply Chain expert do? How would people get started in this field?

  • Almost anything you want! Or you could even offer to improve existing articles.