Some top level facts

Name: Bill Tandy

LinkedIn: My Profile

Education: PhD in Aerospace Remote Sensing, MS in Aerospace Structures and Materials

Dog Status: One fun (but not that smart) dog

Profile picture is current as of: November 2021

Ideal Job: Living and working on the frontiers of space exploration

The Thesis

SpaceX, Blue Origin, Rocket Lab, and others are making it easier and more affordable to launch payloads to orbit. However, the spacecraft industry is ill-positioned to take full advantage of these opportunities. We need to dramatically improve tools and knowledge while growing the next generation of talent.

If you are a new graduate

I truly believe you can have an incredible career in the space industry. Land people on the moon? Yes. Send thousands of satellites up in a globe-spanning constellation? Yes. Work on nuclear engines, giant space stations, and/or reusable spacecraft that return in a fireball? Yes.

If you are mid-career

There are hundreds and thousands of jobs available right now in the space industry and people from all career fields are finding success. I've worked with teachers, technicians, nurses, mailmen, dental hygienists, and more who have joined later in life and raved about the great pay, steady hours, and awesome sense of contributing to something they love. I believe that a little bit of space-centric education combined with your life experiences will have you ready for a new job.

If you are late-career

One of the hardest positions to fill right now are mentors and managers. Many of these positions have gone unfilled for over a year. Other positions require people who understand the value of great documentation and an appreciation for organization and detail. Just to throw out an example: Supply chain teams are seriously understaffed and they'd love to find people who are ready to track things down and get the paperwork done right.

If you'd like to talk about options, feel free to reach out to me on my LinkedIn account. I'd love to answer questions for you.